Ace of Customs

Rubberized Python Off-White Air Jordan 1

Dominic Ciambrone known to many as @theshoesurgeon has become the authority in reconstructed custom sneakers and the overall craft of shoe cobbling and cordwaining. Seen here is his newest release which is a Lux Rubberized Python rendition of the Air Jordan 1 Off-White which is still available on his site.

The shoe features ripstop side panels that are translucent giving it the effect of the recent React 87 and Off-White Nike Zoom Fly. The color way matches the Grim Reeper Off-White Blazer and some of it's detailing. Instead of "AIR", the midsole reads "Rubberized", hinting at the work that was put into the materials.

What truly makes this pair special is the treatment of the python leather. The Shoe Surgeon takes it to another level by treating the leather with a rubberized matte finish that makes it more durable to wear. That is the type of craftsmanship and innovation that has made Dominic who he is.

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