The Greatest Sneaker Show On Earth!

Sneaker Con is the world’s premier sneaker show, providing a huge space for vendors and attendees to buy, sell, and trade some of the most sought-after footwear in the game.

Exhibitors 4,000+
Attendees 300,000+
Cities 30+
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Founders Alan VinogradovBarris Vinogradov and Yu-Ming Wu launch Sneaker Con with the vision of providing a destination for the sneaker community to engage.

August 2008 Sneaker Con Logo Sketch
March 2009 Sneaker Con NYC 2009

Sneaker Con’s inaugural Event takes place in Time Square Arts Center in New York City hosting 3,000+ people.

Sneaker Con produces its first Event outside of New York with its penetration of the Washington, D.C., sneaker community.

April 2011 Snbeaker Con Washington DC
December 2014 Sneaker Con Logo Trademark

Sneaker Con trademarks The Greatest Sneaker Show On Earth

Sneaker Con expands internationally with its first Event in London.

May 2017 Sneaker Con London 2017
August 2017 Sneaker Con Aisa

Sneaker Con launches its Asia presence through its Event in Hong Kong.

Sneaker Con launches its proprietary NFC LEGIT Tag to accelerate and enhance its Sneaker Con authentication activities

May 2018
June 2018 Sneaker Con IOS App

Sneaker Con launches its digital marketplace providing a destination for consumers to transact digitally in addition to its physical Event presence

The first Sneaker Con China Event is produced over three sold out days hosting 20,000+ people

May 2019 Sneaker Con Shanghai 2019
October 2020

Sneaker Con establishes partnership with eBay to provide authentication services globally in furtherance of eBay’s Authenticity Guaranteed

Sneaker Con successfully opens up six warehouses globally located in New York, Las Vegas, Toronto, London, Berlin and Sydney to facilitate authentication services for eBay.

May 2021
November 2021

Sneaker Con finalizes a transaction to sell its authentication and marketplace business to eBay; Sneaker Con’s six global warehouses, authentication intellectual property and marketplace were included in the transaction