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Japanese Coordinator

Sneaker Con is seeking a candidate to support our upcoming events in Japan (multiple locations to be determined), to be held in 2023.

私たちSneaker Conは、2023年に開催予定のSneaker Con Japan (場所は複数開催予定) のためにサーポートしていただける仲間を募集しています。

– ビジネスレベルの日本語、および英語でのコミニケーション能力
– スニーカーへ興味がある方
– ファッション、デザイン、アートへの興味がある方
– イベント運営、SNS運営の経験がある、または興味がある

Skills required for both positions
– Business level Japanese and communication level English skills
– Interest in sneakers
– Interest in fashion, design, and art.
– Experience or interest in event management or Social Media management

Position A – New York Based Coordinator
(出来れば) New York在住、Sneaker Conのチームと直接コミニケーションをとれる人
Preferably in New York and able to communicate directly with the Sneaker Con team.

Position B – Japan Based Coordinator
日本在住。日本のイベント会場や出展者と連絡をとってもらう方 (こちらの方は英語能力は必須ではありませんが、コミニケーション可能な方推奨)
Lives in Japan. English proficiency is not required for this position, but we recommend that the candidate be able to communicate in English.

– 副業・フリーランス可能
– Position Aはアメリカ国内のビザサポートはありませんが、報酬の支払いは問題なく行えます
– イベント後も条件次第で今後も運営メンバーとなっていただく可能性もあり

Contract Type
– Side work freelance available
– Position A does not have visa support in the U.S., but should be able to manage to pay your commission.
– You have option to continue working with us after the event, depending on the conditions.

To apply
– Subject line: Japanese Coordinator
– Write a paragraph about yourself
– Include your phone number
– Include your resume
– Send to [email protected]

Social Media Specialist & Content Creator

We’re looking for a Content Creator/Social Media Specialist to support Company Senior Management in the managing, planning and execution of Sneaker Con’s social media objectives.
This position will be responsible for developing and publishing all social media imagery for Sneaker Con.

– Plan, shoot, edit, produce, and execute all facets of photography and videography specifically designed for social media.
Attend Sneaker Con events to capture content and actively manage social media accounts during event days.
– Foster an environment of creativity to create social media content that attracts customers, increases engagement, growth, awareness, and consistency.
– Development of innovative content that is relevant and forward thinking.
– Manage a detailed content calendar relating to distribution frequency and content type.
– Develop relationships with relevant influencers regarding collaborations and engagement.
– Maintain a high level of organization and strong attention to detail.
– Ensure strong working relationships with all colleagues, partners, and Company guests.
– Maintain a substantial degree of knowledge on each aspect of content trends.

– Proficient in functionality of all relevant social media platforms.
– Creative and communication skills (verbal and written).
– Ability to meet deadlines and be agile in scheduling.
– Ability to think creatively and strategically.
– Exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail and time management skills.
– Able to meet deadlines and turn out content quickly and efficiently.
– Prior experience within content creation for youth culture demographic.
– Creating and editing skills on Adobe Creative Cloud.
– Photography and creative expression in content creation

To apply:
– Subject line: Social Media Specialist & Content Creator
– Write a paragraph about yourself
– Include your phone number
– Include your resume
– Send to careers @